Business Rates Services for Landlords

QuoinStone Professional Services provide advice to landlords seeking to reduce their commercial property business rates liability.

We apply a wealth of experience and expertise to reduce, manage and in some cases entirely remove rates liabilities.


Commercial property business rates are a complex tax and are often under-prioritised by property owners. The best approach to business rates is proactive. We do succeed in challenging past rates liabilities but it is far easier to mitigate a potential liability before it arises.

Our approach offers innovative and risk-free solutions to manage empty rates exposure. We work with our clients to strategically plan actions, interventions and mitigations to achieve the best results.


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We can help

Landlords are only liable to pay business rates after the ‘rates free’ relief period, granted to all empty properties, has expired. There are several ways we can help you to reduce or remove those liabilities going forward.

Permanent Solutions for Empty Buildings

Permanent Solutions for Empty Buildings

In some circumstances we can achieve a 100% saving for Landlords. To find out if your property qualifies click here.

Temporary Solutions for Empty Buildings

Temporary Solutions for Empty Buildings

These solutions can save between 33% and 100% of rates liabilities. Most properties qualify. To find out more click here.


Looking after your tenants

As a landlord, we believe property owners should take an increasingly proactive role in reducing their tenants’ rates liabilities. This helps to ease their overall occupational costs and is good for all parties given the cumulative pressure of increased business costs, due to energy price rises and the compounding effect of inflation.


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Our handy tools

We understand that Business Rates is a complex tax and our many years of experience means we have a unique and expansive knowledge of this subject. We have applied our expertise in developing a range of useful tools that enable us to share this knowledge in the most digestible and accessible way possible. You can access examples of these specialist tools below.

Rates Revaluation Timeline

Rates Revaluation Timeline

Keep an eye on key dates surrounding the Rates Revaluation.

Business Rates Savings Calculator

Business Rates Savings Calculator

We provide up to the minute advice in a rapidly changing world, where office accommodation requirements continue to evolve.



Our team will ensure that you find inspiring and productive spaces that help your business to thrive.


Our Approach to Reducing Rates

We assess the potential for our clients to mitigate their business rates liability. The action we recommend, to either remove the property from the rating list, appeal the level of rates paid or to introduce a short-term letting, will depend on a broad range of circumstances.

Where possible a permanent removal or reduction of rates liability is our preferred outcome although temporary reduction measures can be put into place where a property is expected to be re-let in the short to medium term.