Business Rates Services for Occupiers

QuoinStone Professional Services provide advice to occupiers (tenants) seeking to reduce their commercial property business rates liability.

Using a wealth of experience and expertise, we can reduce, manage and in some cases, remove liabilities completely.


Commercial property business rates are a complex tax and are often under-prioritised by businesses. When dealing with business rates, the best approach is to be proactive. It is much easier, though not impossible, to mitigate a potential liability than to challenge past liabilities.

Our approach offers innovative and risk-free solutions to manage empty rates exposures. We work with our clients to strategically plan actions, interventions and mitigations to achieve the best results.


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How we can help

Tenants liabilities are often overlooked by the tenants themselves as well as the landlord. Taking an active role in reducing a tenants liability is good for all parties given the cumulative pressure on business costs.  Below is an overview of the reliefs and methods available to do this. 



We identify opportunities to secure one of the numerous mandatory and discretionary reliefs that are available to business owners.

Challenge Business Rates

Challenge Business Rates

Use this tool to find out your Rateable Value (RV) and get an estimate of your rates payable per annum.

Check Business Rates

Check Business Rates

Understand the factors that go into determining your RV and when it might be worth challenging.

Changes in Circumstances

Where businesses are being negatively affected by for example nearby developments or road closures, then we are able to secure rates discounts from the local authority.

Overvalued Property

We are able to establish whether a property has been overvalued. This can happen for a number of reasons which are not always obvious and can result in significant savings.

Quantum Discounts

If a tenant occupies contiguous space (horizontally or vertically) in separate assessments, then we can often secure significant savings.

Empty or Partially Empty

Where a tenant is not in occupation of full occupation of their let space, then we can ensure the rates are mitigated.


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It is important that these things are looked as by a professional because there are cases where the rates assessment could unintentionally go up as a result of an appeal and this should obviously be avoided if possible. We are also often able to make reclaims over an extended period, even where the rating authority resists this.

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