Are you a property owner or occupier looking to find out how much you owe in business rates?

Our simple calculator will provide an estimate of your business rates in a few easy steps:


To begin, simply enter your property’s rateable value (RV) and then select your property type and location from the dropdown menus. ou can find your property’s RV on your business rates bill or check it by entering your property’s details onto the government’s website by clicking here.

Once you have entered your information into our calculator, your estimated rates payable will be displayed. Please note, this is only an estimate and your actual business rates may vary especially if your property qualifies for a relief or exemption (e.g., small business rates relief).

You can check if you are eligible for a relief or exemption by getting in touch with one of our team. We will carry out a full rates audit of your property or portfolio to determine your eligibility.

As a commercial property owner or occupier, it is important to regularly check and understand your business rates to ensure that you are paying the correct amount. We are happy to provide assistance, please get in touch.


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