QuoinStone Professional Services provide advice to landlords and tenants seeking to reduce their commercial property business rates liability.

Using a wealth of experience and expertise, we can reduce, manage and in some cases, remove liabilities completely.

Commercial property business rates are a complex tax to understand and are often not prioritised by property owners. When dealing with business rates, the best approach is to be proactive. It is much easier to mitigate a potential liability than to challenge past liabilities.

Our approach offers innovative and risk-free solutions to manage empty rates exposures. We work with our clients to strategically plan actions, interventions and mitigations to achieve the best results.

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Business Rates Savings Calculator

Our business rates saving calculator will enable you to look up the potential savings available in situations where the property is empty or undergoing works. This allows owners to get a better understanding of the options available. Please click here to run the calculator on your properties.

Business Rates Savings Calculator


Once a full assessment of the property and its circumstances has been completed, we identify the optimum solution and begin the process of mitigating rates liabilities. We keep our clients updated at every step of the process using our proprietary reporting tool.

QSPS Dashboard

We have developed our dashboard reporting system which reflects real time data and provides the client with instant live information on the rates situation across their portfolio. This is a unique system of reporting and sets the benchmark for the industry. By reporting through a dashboard, our clients have instant access 24/7 thereby removing related email traffic and improving information flow.


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Mitigation Approach

We assess the potential for our clients to mitigate their business rates liability. Depending on a broad range of circumstances, there are actions we recommend to either remove the property from the rating list, appeal the level of rates paid or to introduce a short-term letting. We work with numerous temporary tenants across the UK who rent commercial buildings on a short-term basis. These tenants use the space for a variety of things including storage, marketing, pop-up galleries and as charities.

When a short-term tenant vacates at the end of their lease, the owner will typically benefit from a new 3-month rate free period (6 months for industrial properties). If the owner leases the space whilst the temporary tenant is in occupation, the temporary tenant will immediately vacate the property to allow the new tenant to move in. Click here for further details.

Options for Empty Property Business Rates

For each property, we assess the rates situation, real estate circumstances and client strategy to formulate the optimal approach. Our range of options is outlined below.

Properties Unfit for Beneficial Occupation

The first place to start when assessing a property is whether it is capable of beneficial occupation. If the property is not, it may be removed from the rating list completely, thereby removing the liability entirely.
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Properties Fit for Beneficial Occupation

If the property is deemed to be fit for occupation there are several exemptions and methods to help to eliminate or reduce the rates bill.
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Measures to Minimise Business Rates Liability on Empty Property

If the property is only temporarily exempt for either 3 or 6 months, there are alternative methods to minimise the rates liability.
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Temporary Tenants

We work with a broad range of companies who are able to occupy properties on a temporary basis, including a box storage business and a Bluetooth marketing business. These businesses are subsidiaries of QuoinStone which enables us to guarantee performance and offer greater savings to the landlord.

If you or your firm provide Business Rates advice and are looking to work with a partner to deliver temporary tenants for your client’s empty properties, we can help. Click here for more information.



ReBeacon logo

Location-based marketing for commercial property.

This Bluetooth beacon marketing technology provides location-based marketing for commercial property. Place a rebeacon Bluetooth beacon in your property and broadcast messages through Bluetooth proximity messaging to visitors, fellow professionals and potential tenants. We install these easily and discreetly within the property while the space continues to be advertised for rent with viewings conducted as normal.


Temporary Box Storage

Temporary Box Storage

Flexible temporary local box storage.

This box storage business offers flexible temporary local storage across the areas that we operate. The business utilises vacant space to serve local storage needs at compellingly low costs compared to the typical local commercial operators.