If you’re looking for assistance with Appealing or Challenging your Business Rates, we can help.

Business rates can be complicated and time consuming.

Our surveyors can quickly identify potential savings often going back over multiple years.

As a business, we only charge fees once the job is completed and the savings are back in your pocket.


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Why choose us?

Quoinstone are a firm of chartered surveyors with over 65 years’ experience across a team of dedicated professionals. We are fully Regulated by RICS.

We do things differently:

1. We don't upfront charge fees

1. We don't upfront charge fees

We don’t charge fees unless we are successful, so we won’t waste your time if there are no potential savings for you.

2. We save our clients time

2. We save our clients time

We save our clients time by providing a friction free process. With minimal information we can establish savings and act of your behalf.

3. We treat our clients with respect

3. We treat our clients with respect

You will receive timely reporting from informative, professional surveyors. We’re always accessible and available on the end of a phone to answer questions.


Appeal/Challenge Business Rates

There are numerous reasons why you might have been wrongly charged over many years by the Local Authority for your Business Rates.


In these situations is important that your rates are Checked, Challenged and Appealed before the New Rating List comes into effect on the 1st April 2023.

Examples of potential Appeals, would include things like:

  • Overvalued Property — in many cases the VOA have overvalued properties. Either the valuation approach is wrong, or the property has changed and in these situations, a rebate for the overpaid rates will be due back to the rate payer from the date the property as acquired or the 1st April 2017, whichever is later. It’s not always obvious why a property would be overvalued, but we are generally able to establish this quite easily.
  • Changes in Circumstances — If for example, the business is being negatively affected by a nearby development or a closed street is restricting access for shoppers, you may also be able to make a claim based on a material change in circumstance.
  • Quantum Discounts — where a single ratepayer has contiguous properties listed separately (in separate hereditaments) then we can apply to combine these spaces and in some cases secure a reduced assessment for our clients.
  • Reliefs — in many cases a rate payer can benefit from Local Authority Reliefs that will apply in certain circumstances. We would establish what reliefs are currently applicable and seek to secure them for our clients on a historical basis, often recovering rates paid over multiple years.
  • Empty Rates – whether you are a tenant or landlord, if your premises are empty or partially empty (maybe you only use part of the space of don’t need to use all of it), then it is normally possible to reduce your empty rates liability by a minimum of 50% and possible by up to 100%, depending on the circumstances.

The timing is particularly important because the current rating list is replaced on 1st April 2023 so any Appeals that might apply to the current rates assessment need to be registered before that date. It normally takes at least a week or two to do this.

It is also important that these things are looked at by a professional because there are cases where the rates assessment could unintentionally go up as a result of an appeal and this should obviously be avoided if possible. We are also often able to make reclaims over an extended period, even where the rating authority resists this.

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Richard Wright

Managing Director / Mobility Giant

As non-property people, QuoinStone's sector expertise and experience was invaluable in leading us through the acquisition of our first commercial warehouse lease. We will continue to work with them as our business grows.

Marijke Varrall-Jones

Director / Maak

QuoinStone advised on all aspects of our first commercial office and warehouse acquisition. It was abundantly clear their experience and longstanding property network was invaluable and we are already working with them on our next commercial property acquisition.

Paul Gilbert

Director of Customer Accounts / London & Quadrant

I highly recommend Katy Ellis’ services. She has successfully recovered overpaid business rates in excess of £700,000. She is easy to deal with and provides a seamless service with regular updates and minimal administrative input from us.

Terry Chant

Head of Service Estates – Facilities / SSAFA the Armed Forces charity

Katy Ellis’ business rates audit identified over £358,000 of refunds dating back to 2010. We are delighted by how swiftly this money was returned to us. She communicated regularly, was always professional and is highly experienced. We recommend her to anyone seeking a rates review.

Chris Green

Estate and Asset Manager / Taylor Wimpey UK Ltd

I cannot speak highly enough of the service Katy Ellis provided. She achieved significant rates savings for our business across an extensive and complex property portfolio. She is set apart by her upmost professionalism, her attention to detail, enthusiasm, trustworthiness, and willingness to go that extra mile to meet client’s requirements.




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